Should I Buy an Extended Warranty for the Used Car I Plan to Purchase?

When it comes to buying a used car, it can be hit or miss in terms of whether it will cost you a lot in repairs, or if it will run for a long time with minimal maintenance and expense. However, what you can be pretty sure of is that the older it gets the cost of maintaining that vehicle will increase. That’s why buying an extended warranty at the same time as buying that used car can be such a good investment. Not all dealerships offer it, but aftermarket warranties are available if you do not have the option to purchase one at the time of your car purchase.

Certain Car Parts Have a Limited Shelf Life

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, some parts, with proper care, can literally go on forever. Other parts may only last so long, which is what extended warranties are for. When you go to an automobile dealer and purchase a new car, they often provide what sounds like a pretty good warranty. However, there are little details that many car-buyers are not aware of right away. For example, most new-car automobile companies give you bumper-to-bumper warranties for a certain number of months or miles, then a limited warranty kicks in for some additional number of months or miles on just the drive train. That means, if your car breaks down during that extended period, the repairs may or may not be covered. But when you buy a used car, it’s very probable that the age and miles puts it beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, and you can be sure that something is going to break down at some point. When you opt to take out a full-coverage extended warranty with your used car purchase, if repairs are needed anytime during the warranty period, it will be covered.

Letting the Warranty Cover Your Repairs Means No Expensive Monthly Car Payment

One of the biggest benefits of buying the extended warranty for your used car is that you have protection if something major, like your engine or transmission, needs repairs. The warranty will cover the cost of the repairs. Without that warranty, you could be stuck deciding between covering the cost of the repairs yourself, or having to buy another vehicle if the cost of repairs is more than the value of the car. If you decide on buying a new car, you may wind up with an expensive monthly payment that you didn’t plan on. Many people buy used cars to help keep their monthly expenses at a manageable level. If you are one of them, then this is a situation your extended warranty can help you avoid.

Extended Warranties Help Keep Older, Used Cars Running Longer

One thing many people do not consider is how to keep an older running. If you are able to keep up with small repairs as they occur, it is going to stay running much longer than if you ignore them. As an example, let’s take a nonworking power window. If the problem is electrical, many people can’t, or don’t want to fix it themselves since it would involve taking the entire door panel apart to get to the problem, which can get quite involved and expensive, so they leave it. The problem is, this can cause other issues with the electrical system within your car. If left unrepaired long enough, you could wind up with a major electrical problem that might prevent your car from running properly. By having the problem fixed as soon as it happens, thanks to the warranty, you eliminate the possibility of the problem escalating.

You Have Options When Buying an Extended Warranty for a Used Car

Depending on what you are looking to spend, and what you want covered, you have a lot of options when deciding on an extended warranty for a used car. You can go with the full-coverage extended warranty, which typically cover everything in the vehicle, bumper to bumper, for a set amount of time or number of miles. So, basically, if anything goes wrong in your vehicle, you can get it fixed with little or no out-of-pocket costs, depending on the deductible option you chose.

You also have other levels of coverage to consider. If you want, you can get an extended warranty that simply covers major aspects of your used car, such as the transmission or the engine. This leaves out smaller repairs that may come up. This is good for people who are able to fix many of the smaller problems on their own, but do not have the tools, shop, or time to take care of more serious problems. The ultimate decision about what level of coverage you want is up to you and how much you are willing to pay. However, for most people, going without any sort of extended warranty for your used vehicle simply does not make sense. 

No matter what car or truck you purchase from our extensive inventory, Eden Autos gives you with a 5-day money-back guarantee, a free Carfax report, and a 3-month or 4,500-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. And, of course, all of our customers are urged to get an Extended Warranty. We only sell GWC warranties, with options designed to fit nearly every vehicle and every buyer’s budget. GWC Warranty’s Used Vehicle Coverage ranges from protection for basic powertrain components to extensive coverage that rival manufacturer’s basic factory warranties. And your GWC Warranty works with a nationwide network of service facilities so you can drive your new vehicle worry-free. In the event of a covered mechanical breakdown, you can take your vehicle to any ASE-certified and reputable repair facility. Support and online resources are available in the event of a claim.

For more information about our vehicles, warranty choices, or financing options, our professional staff is always available to discuss it with you on the phone or in person at our convenient NE Philadelphia dealership.