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6 Best Used Cars for Summer

6 Best Used Cars for Summer


Did you know that late spring and summer are the most popular seasons for used car sales? As the weather continues to heat up, dealerships are offering their customers great vehicles to choose from, with the best prices of the year. With summer now in full swing, you will find a large assortment of affordable pre-owned vehicles, including many low-mileage, late models.


The summer season influences car buying in both the new and used markets, and it’s a time when some of the best deals are available. With inventories moving even more during this time of the year, you as a buyer can often negotiate a bit more aggressively to get the best possible deal. Here are Eden Autos’ top six picks for used cars and SUVs to check out this summer.

2013 Honda Civic

Honda is a definite winner in the compact sedan line with the Civic. After seeing some flops for the first few years, Honda completely rethought its essential design and rolled out a sleeker version for the 2013 generation. The Civic is one of the best and most reliable options in the used market, thanks to the ideal blend of affordability and reliability. Drivers can enjoy great Bluetooth connectivity, hands free text messaging, and am interior that feels expensive for such a budget-friendly vehicle. A guided back up camera and a front collision warning system are modern safety features that help keep the Civic at the top when it comes to crash test safety ratings. Drivers looking for a fast sporty ride may not like the Civic, but those looking to save money on gas will love it. The 2013 Civic gets 29 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway.


2015 Hyundai Elantra

This car combines the practicality of cargo space and fuel efficiency with speed and power. Passengers will love the rear heated seats, a luxury usually reserved for front seating, and the driving experience is very customizable with a custom steering mode and front seating to accommodate practically any height and seat angle. You can also drive with peace of mind, as this model received the highest crash test ratings possible in its year. The Elantra is a particularly quiet ride, although the sound system could have been improved to make the experience even more enjoyable. The 2015 Elantra gets 24 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway.

2013 Honda CR-V

There’s a reason why Honda’s CR-V is such a popular line of compact SUVs. The 2013 CR-V is probably the least costly, latest generation you can buy used this summer. The 2013 model gives you Real Time All Wheel Drive and Honda’s signature Motion-Adaptive electric power steering system for a vehicle that can handle rugged terrain and snow. Many of the controls on the five inch LCD screen are also accessible via the steering wheel, and the CR-V is a surprisingly quiet ride. In terms of interior bells and whistles, the 2013 model is equipped with the basics, but a range of high tech features are available options. The 2013 CR-V gets good mileage for an SUV, with 23 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway.


2015 Acura RDX
This highly rated SUV combines compact ease with a sporty ride that’s super fun to drive. With the first generation dating back to 2007, the RDX soared in popularity in a very competitive market, especially with the generation that was released in 2010. This model is also more fuel efficient than previous generations, getting 20 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. The surround sound system is great for music, and passengers in the back can enjoy watching a DVD during extended trips. The RDX is also more spacious than it appears. The center console is a significant storage upgrade compared to similar vehicles, and the back seat doesn’t skimp on the extra leg room.

2015 Buick Enclave

If it’s an SUV with lots of room that best matches your needs, the 2015 Buick Enclave may the perfect choice. In addition to a high safety rating, the Enclave comes with lots of standard features, including a 6.5-inch touch screen, Bluetooth, smartphone integration and satellite radio. Available family-friendly options include a rear-seat entertainment system with a DVD player, wireless headphones, and a large overhead display. City mileage is estimated at 17 mpg and 24 mpg on the highway.

2014 Toyota Sienna

If you’re looking for a roomy minivan with a clean design and great mileage, the 2014 Toyota Sienna is the perfect vehicle. This model may not satisfy those looking for the speed or sporty handling available in more luxury vans, but the 3.5-liter V6 engine and a six-speed automatic transmission offer fuel efficiency and the perfect amount of zoom for highway drivers. In addition, the Sienna has great safety ratings across the board. Enjoy Bluetooth connectivity as well as AUX ports for the entertainment system and three rows of comfy seating for eight. The 2014 Sienna gets 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

So, if a new vehicle is in your future this summer season, be sure to look at our online
inventory to find the one that best fits your needs. All of the pre-owned vehicles at Eden Autos have been completely checked out and come with a free Carfax report, a Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty, and a 5-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. Our professional team goes the extra mile to make sure your visit to our dealership is a great experience. And don’t worry if your credit history is not the best; our financial experts will help you get instant approval for an affordable financing plan that’s within your budget.


Is Buying a New Car Better Than Buying a Used Car?

Is Buying a New Car Better Than Buying a Used Car?

Buying a brand-new car is undeniably exciting, but is it right for you? The sad reality is that brand-new cars keep getting more and more expensive, pricing millions of Americans out of the new-car market. As sleek as the latest sports car or must-have SUV is, the average price has been shown to be well beyond the budget of even median-income households. 

The used car market, on the other hand, is filled with thousands of models in excellent condition and all at much lower prices than the new models. With cheaper alternatives readily available, why would you choose to pay so much for a brand-new vehicle? Below, we’ll look at the differences between buying new and used cars, and why investing in a used car can ultimately be the better choice. 

Here’s What to Expect When Buying A New Car:
The main advantage of buying a new car is the advanced features you’ll get to enjoy. 
Cutting-edge touches will help to make your shiny, factory-fresh vehicle feel even more indulgent and luxurious. However, unless it has a direct effect on your driving experience and helps you to drive more safely, many of these advanced technological features are inessential. 

We live in an age where tiny upgrades and updates can still justify high costs for consumers across the globe. New smartphones are released within a short period of their predecessors, and buyers still spend hundreds of dollars despite not getting much more bang for their proverbial buck. The same is true with cars. Those with enough disposable income may choose to upgrade to a new car without anything being wrong with their previous model, simply to enjoy a few new features. 

Another advantage of new cars is the most obvious: they have never been driven before. There’s less reason to check the condition of any models that catch your eye, though you will still have to give it a thorough examination to make sure it meets all your needs. And new cars will likely need less maintenance within your first couple of years of ownership. 

However, there are disadvantages to buying a new car too. Excessive prices and depreciation are the most obvious; as mentioned earlier, many Americans simply cannot afford to buy the latest models. New cars will also depreciate in value quickly. The worth of your brand-new vehicle may well drop significantly within the first year of ownership. In fact, the amount you stand to receive at resale can dip as soon as you drive away from the lot. That’s obviously a major issue if you plan to get a year or two of usage from your new car and then sell it for a newer model. You want to get as much money back as possible, but sadly you will usually end up with far less than you might expect. 

Furthermore, new cars can bring higher tax and insurance rates, costing you more beyond its actual price. You need to consider this before you invest and make sure you can actually afford those related expenses. 
Here’s What You Can Expect When Buying a Used Car:
First and foremost regarding buying used is much more of an affordable purchase price; simply put, used cars are far cheaper than new ones. This is a fantastic benefit for buyers on a tight budget, as millions of Americans are. When you have financial responsibilities (rent, food and clothing for you and your family) finding tens of thousands of dollars for the latest car is completely out of the question. 

At a reputable used car dealership, you can browse a diverse selection of models with something for everyone. You may be able to find vintage cars as well as those from only a few years ago, without the hefty price tags. Used cars are cheaper to insure too. This makes a big difference to the overall cost of buying a used car, saving you even more money compared to the much higher price of a brand-new model. 

Securing the financing to pay for a used car is often much simpler than trying to get a loan for a brand new one. A reliable used car dealership like Eden Autos offers wide-ranging in-house financial services, helping countless customers secure auto loans that match their budgets, including buyers with low credit scores. As you may know, trying to get a loan from a bank or other lender for your new car can be incredibly difficult if you have a bad credit history. Visiting a dealership that provides in-house financing assistance for all credit types will help you get a loan approval for the vehicle that’s the right choice for your needs. 

Another major benefit of buying a used car instead of a new one is that you avoid any potential product recalls, which happens with brand new cars from time to time. In one year, millions of vehicles were recalled for a major issues by several of the leading car manufacturers, including Honda, General Motor, Toyota, and Ford; even BMW and Mercedes. You may assume that new car is in perfect working condition when you buy it, only to have a significant fault be discovered later. Usually, those recall issues have already been taken care of during the first owner’s possession. Used cars, of course, have normally been driven for years already, and their performance has been well-tested. You’re at less risk of experiencing some problem that’s lain dormant and can feel more reassured about the car’s quality. 
Whether to invest in a new or used car is obviously a choice you’ll have to make yourself; however, as we’ve seen, there are more reasons to buy a used vehicle than a brand-new model:
Lower prices 
Cheaper insurance 
Reduced depreciation 
Less risk of recalls 
Better chance of securing an auto loan

When looking at these benefits, it’s easy to confirm that buying a used car is better than choosing a brand new one. 

Eden Autos has an extensive collection of pre-owned vehicles to choose from, with financing for all credit types. Want to know more? Drop in or give us a call today and one of our dedicated team members will help you find the perfect car, truck, or SUV to fit your requirements, with financing that’s within your budget.

Why You Should Consider Refinancing Your Car Loan

Why You Should Consider Refinancing Your Car Loan


If your auto financing plan isn’t working for you, you aren’t stuck with it. After working with the same loan for a year or two, it might be time for you to consider refinancing. The process of refinancing involves applying for a new loan to cover the current loan, and still using the vehicle as collateral. Refinancing is a fantastic option to consider if your financial situation has changed since you first started financing your vehicle, you want to reduce or lengthen the loan term, or you want to lower your interest rate in order to pay less interest in the long run.


Keep in mind that refinancing doesn’t always reduce your monthly payment; for example, refinancing for a loan term of three years instead of five will increase your monthly payment. So how do you know if financing is a good idea for you? Here are four reasons why you should investigate the process of refinancing your auto loan.

Lower Your Interest Rate

If you make timely payments and your credit score has increased since you first applied for the loan, you can benefit from refinancing by getting a lower interest rate. It is normal in the loan market for interest rates to be higher for those who have lower credit scores or challenged credit histories. The American borrower’s average credit score is 697, which falls in the Fair ranking. Nerd Wallet reports that a borrower with that credit score would qualify for an average auto loan interest rate of 5.5% on a used vehicle.


The more you can increase your credit score, the more progress you make on qualifying for a lower interest rate. Seeing as interest easily adds hundreds or thousands of dollars to the cost of the car, you want to lower the overall interest rate as much as possible. Although you may not think that affects you too badly, as everything gets factored into your payment each month, that still ends up being money that doesn’t go directly into your car.


Maintaining good credit is the easiest way to decrease your interest rate and save money in the long run. Even if you start out with a longer loan term and a higher interest rate, you can make those changes after paying off some of your vehicle. However, keep in mind that refinancing too early is rarely successful, or there is a very low chance you will end up with a lower interest rate. In addition, plan to see your credit score dip slightly during the refinancing process, as that is the effect of the inquiries made to investigate refinancing.

Change the Loan Term

The average auto loan term is more than five years. This can be good for borrowers who have a tight budget and want to minimize monthly payments. However, longer loan terms almost always have much higher interest rates as a part of the financing plan. (Think of it as a trade off). If you are able to afford slightly higher monthly payments, avoid longer loan terms. Use a loan calculator to figure out how much you’ll be paying in interest vs. how much you might be saving on a slightly larger payment that fits into your budget. Will it make a big enough difference to be a worthwhile move?


In addition to budgeting, think about the value of your car and how much you’re paying interest on an asset that gradually depreciates. A car is worth 10 percent less as soon as you drive it off the dealership’s lot. A vehicle is a great asset to have, but the value of the car itself will decrease as time goes on. If you can afford the payments on a shorter loan, why should you pay more interest on your investment that decreases in value?


Refinancing will give you the opportunity to reduce your loan term if you have more room in your budget for a larger monthly payment, but you can also do the opposite. Extending the loan term will reduce your monthly payment, which is useful for if you are going back to school, expecting a child, or need to stretch your budget for all the other important things in your life. Extending or reducing a loan term is all about prioritizing not just the auto loan, but all the other payments you need to make in order to keep everything running smoothly.

Make the Loan Fit in With Your Other Finances

Remember that changing the loan term is in your best interest if you’re having trouble making payments or anticipate needing to free up room in your budget in the near future. It’s best to refinance and make your loan work better for your needs than not be able to make minimum payments or miss them entirely. Missed payments stay on your credit report for several years and are one of the key factors that determine your credit score.


Like many investments, the key is deciding how to best allocate your funds and what other value you can get out of maintaining an investment or financial relationship. In the case of a vehicle and auto loan, it isn’t in your best interest to sign up for a loan that sounds good but will make you miss payments; and this is becoming more and more commonplace. Across the country, Americans are making risky investments that eventually overwhelm them with debt.

Thinking About Your Future

In the long run, your goal regarding your auto loan should be to pay the vehicle off as quickly and painlessly as possible. Once you pay off the loan, the car is your property, and that is extremely empowering in terms of being able to claim it as one of your assets, even if the value is depreciating. In addition, narrowing down and selecting a financing plan that has attainable goals will help you reach even more financial milestones down the road.


For more questions about auto loans or refinancing, don’t hesitate to reach out to Eden’s professional Finance Team. And if buying a new vehicle is in future, check out our extensive inventory of quality pre-owned vehicles.


10 Best Road Trips to Take This Summer

10 Best Road Trips to Take This Summer


Start your planning and pick out your perfect car snacks; it’s time to drive and explore! Taking a road trip can be one of the best parts of a real summer. From Philadelphia, you can head to the beach (and not always down the shore), escape to the forest, or cross off exploring a city that’s been on your list for a while. Either way, this type of vacation is all about the journey and destination. If you haven’t planned your summer road trip yet, here are 10 of our favorites.

Destinations a Short Drive from Philly

Cape May, NJ (2 hours, 93 miles)

Be proud to be a beach bum, whether it’s for one day or two weeks. The stunning historic beach town is more of an old-fashioned experience of the Jersey Shore as America’s oldest seaside resort. Accommodations range from modern oceanside resorts to quaint beach houses with more of the historic flair the city is known for. Although the beach is usually packed during the summer, July is their busiest month, and going during the middle of the week will help you have a less crowded experience.

Lewes, DE (2.5 hours, 120 miles)

This beach town has been transformed by brewery Dogfish Head with the Dogfish Inn. In addition to all the adventuring the town has to offer, the inn creates a fantastic experience for nature lovers who also love beer. Plan a day trip to see the sites (or go to the actual brewery just 11 miles away), or a weekend away to get the full experience.

Hershey Park (2 hours, 97 miles)

It can be a quick day trip perfect for families. Stay at the Hotel Hershey for a more luxurious experience. They even have chocolate scented toiletries, and you get passes to enter the park one hour before everyone else! Or, make this a fun and budget-friendly weekend by camping or staying in of the many nearby towns. Although a lot of things are chocolate themed, it isn’t like you stepped straight into Candy Land, although you might want to pick up an exclusive giant chocolate bar while you’re there. Admission to Zoo America is included with every theme park ticket, so you can see more than 200 animals native to North America.

More Than Just A Day Trip

Assateague Island National Seashore (3-4 hours, 152 miles)

The national park and island span from Maryland to Virginia. A four-hour drive leads you to seeing wild horses, kayaking, and exploring the beaches. You can camp on certain areas of the island, stay in nearby small towns, or do a short drive back and forth from Ocean City, MD. Park rangers lead guided tours of the island to take you to all the best spots for wildlife watching and views of the ocean.

Pittsburgh, PA (5-6 hours, 300 miles)

Pittsburgh offers a little bit of everything to the city adventurer. The city is known for its bridges, museums, and the Phipps Conservatory and Gardens. Don’t miss the Andy Warhol Museum and trying the pastrami sandwich at Primanti Bros. There’s a lot to see in a long weekend, so make sure you plan ahead and buy tickets in advance whenever possible. You can stay on I-76 for the entire drive or take a couple of easy detours for fun stops in Lancaster and to minimize the tolls.

Nemacolin Resort (5 hours, 297 miles)

Get a little rugged in Southwestern PA. Nemacolin offers all the outdoorsy things your adventurous friends and family might want to do in one place. Go rock climbing, test your skills on a ropes course, make frenemies in a game of paintball, and explore the wildlife center. The resort is nestled in a forest and offers a range of options for overnight stays, so you aren’t tied to just one hotel. Passes to multiple activities are available, so you can schedule all your activities and save a little money at the same time.

Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forest (6 hours, 305 miles)

If you want to go a little more off the grid with your nature experience, head to Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont. The national forest is the perfect playground for experienced and amateur hikers alike, and you can reach stunning views in just a few hours on foot. Go camping and fishing by Grout Pond, and miles of trails lead to the Somerset Reservoir for more exploring. If you’re ready to go camping or want to return to hotel accommodations at the end of the day, Green Mountain has a little bit of everything.

Hitting the road

Portland, ME (7 hours, 410 miles)

The coast of New England is a perfect destination during the warmer months. Explore rocky seashores to find tide pools galore, and venture to Casco Bay to see historic lighthouses and go sailing. Palace Playland is a gorgeous beachfront amusement park to keep the kids entertained, and you can eat and shop all around town.

Myrtle Beach, SC (10 hours, 570 miles)

If you want to head south to see a different side of the eastern coastline, Myrtle Beach is the perfect summertime destination. It’s the center of the Grand Strand, which has more than 60 miles of beaches. In addition to beaches, the city is equipped with amusement parks and boardwalks that will keep everyone exploring for days.

Follow the Blue Ridge Mountains (12+ hours)

This trip takes dedication and a vehicle in decent shape but is worth it for the views. You can journey to Chattanooga, TN from Philly in 12 hours, but travelers recommend making many stops along the way to explore the towns along the epic Blue Ridge Mountains. Pick between the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Skyline Drive. Skyline runs through Shenandoah National Park, and the Blue Ridge Parkway takes you a little further south on your way to Tennessee. There are many different spots along the way, but music destinations are essential for country music fans. Don’t miss the Birthplace of Country Music Museum in Bristol, VA and partaking in Appalachian soul food along the way.


So whatever road trip you decide on, you certainly want to make sure your vehicle is in good enough condition to get you there and back safely and without mechanical breakdowns. If not, this may be the ideal time to trade it in for a more reliable one. At Eden Autos you will always find a large selection of late-model, low mileage cars and SUV’s to choose from. And we have flexible financing options the meet your individual needs. We also offer numerous financial solutions for those with more challenged credit issues. So, no matter what your financial situation, our dedicated staff is here to help you get the right vehicle that best fits your needs, with financing within your budget.








8 Steps to Getting A Car Loan with Bad Credit

8 Steps to Getting A Car Loan with Bad Credit


Once you have bad credit, it’s extremely difficult to get out of that rut and start getting your financial stability back. A loan to purchase a new car can seem impossible to obtain; however, as long as you are dealing with trusted experts, you can still end up sitting behind the wheel of your perfect car, with a financing plan you can feel confident about. Our team at Eden Autos wants to see you succeed in your financial planning and drive away in a car that best fits your needs. We have more than 150 late model cars on our lot in Northeast Philly. Follow these eight steps to getting an auto loan with a low credit rating and you can start driving your perfect car before you know it..

1. Know What It Means to Have Bad Credit

A credit score below 630 is considered to be a poor credit score. In 2017, the average FICO credit score was 700. Bad credit (often referred to as Subprime Credit) limits your options in terms of who will give you loans, and what kinds of loans they will be. For borrowers with low credit scores It is also unlikely that you will qualify for a loan with an average or market interest rate. Interest rates will probably be higher and are usually longer-term loans. This can be extremely discouraging if auto loan payments are in your budget, but your credit score inhibits you from being able to get the loan in the first place. However, your options can be less limited than you may think.

2. Assess Your Loan and Application Options

There are auto dealers who are especially qualified to assist buyers with bad credit. Utilizing tools you may already have, such as a vehicle you can trade in, a larger down payment, or a co-signer, can help you qualify for better financing. Some subprime borrowers may see an interest rate as high as 16 percent, whereas borrowers with good credit will usually pay six percent or less. But if you know you have bad credit, knowing that your interest rate will be higher can help you budget and prepare for the cost of your new loan.

3. Find an Auto Dealer That Will Work with Bad Credit

Some dealerships will turn you away if you have bad credit. At Eden Autos, our team is trained to help our customers with low credit scores. We want to make sure you have options to finance your new vehicle, whether it’s for work or just to regain your independence for commuting and errands. Look for Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealerships that offer financing options to bad credit buyers, and make sure you meet with the actual dealership experts who handle the subprime auto loans.


At Eden Autos, we pride ourselves on the quality of our BHPH program that allows customers who otherwise couldn’t obtain traditional bank financing to get into a new vehicle at an affordable monthly payment

4. Fill Out an Application to Be Pre-Approved

Walking into a dealership after getting pre-approved online speeds up the process of financing your new car. This saves you the time when you’re at the dealership and can let you know if you are qualified for a loan in just seconds. After getting pre-qualified for your loan, you can just focus on finding a car that’s a perfect match for you. In addition, getting your approval in advance will help you know what your new loan should look like regarding factors such as the loan term, monthly payment and interest rate. If you have questions about the results, you can call the dealership and speak with someone to get more information.

5. Establish A Price Range and Find A Car That Will Work for You

If you haven’t already factored the cost of your loan into your budget, now is the time to do so. Calculate how much income you have to put towards a loan payment and car insurance, if you don’t already have insurance or anticipate that your premium might go up. Using tools like an auto loan calculator will help you take a look at your monthly payments and help you understand where your money is going and the extra costs associated with taking out a loan.

6. Look at Online Inventories

In order to speed up the process of finding a car that fits your needs and budget, browse the online inventory to find a car before you even step on the dealership’s lot to look at cars. Online inventories for used car dealerships often include important specs such as the number of miles on the car and all the features. All of Eden’s vehicles also have a full CarStory report built in to compare pricing, mileage, wear and tear, and other details about the car’s condition you may not get from other dealers.

7. Consult the Financial Team

After doing your research and test driven a few vehicles that enables you to decide on your perfect car, it’s time to sit down with the dealership experts so they can help you seal the deal on your new car. Eden’s financial professionals will help ensure you understand everything about your financing and walk you through all the steps to buying your new car.

8. Improving Your Credit Score with Your New Loan

Now that you have your loan, making consistent payments on it is the way to make sure it’s a smooth ride from the beginning. Set alerts on your calendar for the upcoming payments to make sure you have allocated the funds and make your payments early to make sure you’re beating the due dates, not just meeting them. Use your new loan as an opportunity to improve your credit for future loans and credit. After you are approved for your new auto loan and are driving around in your new car, it’s a chance for you to start improving your finances for the future.


The professional staff at Eden Autos is committed to providing our customers with the very best hassle-free buying experience in the Delaware Valley. Every vehicle on our lot has undergone a comprehensive quality inspection, and comes with a 5-day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee, a free Carfax Report and a Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty. We are conveniently located at 6213 E. Roosevelt Blvd. in Northeast Philadelphia.



5 Tips for Buying a Car with Bad Credit

5 Tips for Buying a Car with Bad Credit


Buying a car when you have bad credit isn’t always easy. Some lenders simply won’t give you the loan you need, even if you now have a good job and are on your way to repairing your credit score. High debt, late payments, and vehicle repossessions can make it difficult to buy a new, or even a used, car. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to turn things around and get the vehicle of your dreams, or at least the car you need. Here are a few tips for buying a car when you have bad credit.


Make a Good-Size Down Payment

If you can make a good-size down payment, you may be able to overcome some of the issues associated with bad credit. Your credit score will be a factor in how much money you can borrow and what the interest rate will be. If you can’t get a loan for the amount you need, you may still be able to purchase the vehicle you want by paying the difference as your down payment. This can also help you in the long term since you will be borrowing less money. That means you won’t pay as much interest over the life of the loan.


Have a Budget

One of the things that can get you into trouble financially is not knowing what you can afford. Your damaged credit score may have come from over-extending yourself, taking on more loans than you could pay for. Before you go car shopping, sit down and look over your income, bills, and leftover money. Do you have enough to commit to a monthly car payment? If so, how much can you safely set aside without impacting your necessary expenses such as food, clothing, rent, and other things? Even if you really want a certain car, you need to be realistic and make sure you don’t spend too much. If you do, you may end up defaulting on yet another loan, damaging your credit even further.


Understand the “Two Weeks” Rule

Whenever you apply for a new line of credit, no matter what type it is, the lender makes an inquiry on your credit history. This shows them all your loans and your credit history. Whenever you do this, it temporarily lowers your credit score a little bit. It’s not a huge amount, but it can be the difference between getting a loan and being denied. However, when applied for an auto loan, generally the credit reporting companies see all credit inquiries done by auto loan lenders within two weeks as one inquiry. This means you only take that hit once as long as you don’t go beyond two weeks from the first inquiry.


This means you should do your best to do your car search in a reasonable time. You can take longer than two weeks to look at cars, but once you get serious and start applying for loans, do so within a couple of weeks.


Short-Term Loans Have Less Interest

In most cases, going for a three-year loan over a five-year loan does mean you’ll pay less overall in interest. Some lenders are also more likely to give short-term loans to those who have bad credit, especially if you have a down payment. While it does mean your monthly payment may be a little higher than it would if you had a longer loan period, it does mean you’ll pay off your car faster. That can be helpful if you’re trying to pay down other lines of credit. The sooner you pay off your car loan, the sooner you can devote that money to paying on other things.


Have a Co-Signer

While it may not be ideal, you may need to get a co-signer to get a loan if your credit is too bad. The co-signer is basically saying that they take responsibility for the loan if you can’t pay it. This is a major financial obligation to take on, and many people are very cautious about co-signing. If you ask someone to co-sign on your loan, you want to be certain you can make the payments. If you can’t, it will likely destroy any relationship you have with the co-signer.


These are just a few tips for buying a car when you have bad credit. Fortunately, once you do buy a car and make the payments on time, it will start to positively impact your credit rating. At Eden Autos, we have flexible financing solutions to meet the individual needs of all our customers, regardless of credit scores and history. No matter what your current financial situation, our dedicated staff will help you drive home in a quality pre-owned vehicle from our extensive inventory that is right for you, with affordable financing in place that’s within your budget.



What Are Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles?

What Are Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles?

Buying a pre-owned car is the most practical, convenient option for millions of Americans. Brand new vehicles fresh off the production line may come with the latest features and gadgets, but they can be incredibly expensive, commanding prices which are simply out of reach for the average household.

Used car dealerships provide customers with an extensive selection of pre-owned vehicles, all of which are typically well-inspected and maintained to a high standard. CPO cars are an invaluable asset to dealerships and their customers across the country, but what exactly is Certified Pre-Owned?

What are CPO Cars?

A CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) car offers you more peace of mind and reassurance that you are spending your money on a vehicle that’s worth the price. Some customers may feel a little uncertain when purchasing a used car, potentially worrying about the lifespan of their investment. With certified pre-owned cars, you know you’re sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle which has undergone a strict inspection and certification process prior to being offered for sale.

A trained mechanic will check the car before it is granted CPO status, to make sure it adheres to specific requirements and standards. Anything which may not quite be up to those standards is repaired or replaced by the dealership, to ensure maximum value to buyers. CPO vehicles usually come with a warranty backed by the manufacturer or dealership, and may include valuable extras, such as free roadside assistance, free maintenance, and loaner vehicles if needed. Dealerships stocking CPO cars may provide special offers or more competitive financing rates to make the package even more appealing than an overpriced brand-new model.

When did CPO programs start?

CPO programs first started to hit the market during the early ‘90s, due to a high number of leased vehicles being returned by customers. These were generally in solid mechanical shape and usually had low miles on their odometers. Dealerships tended to sell those in the best condition, while others were put up for lower prices or sold at auction to other car dealers.

Manufacturers and dealerships started to recognize that there might be a chance to sell these high-quality vehicles at a higher level than ‘used’, to appeal to those buyers looking for a pre-owned car offering exceptional value for the money, but without the high price of a brand-new model. The first CPO program launched belonged to Lexus in November of 1993, though Mercedes-Benz became the first manufacturer to provide buyers of pre-owned cars with factory-backed warranties. The trend continued to grow, as more and more manufacturers and dealers saw the program’s potential.

Not all vehicles which are labeled as certified at a dealership may be part of a manufacturer’s CPO program, though. The term may refer to the dealer’s own program, offering similar benefits without the brand’s direct involvement. In cases like this, the inspection process involved should still be comprehensive and ensure all aspects of the vehicle’s performance offers real value, but it’s still worth checking with your dealer before making a purchase.

With a CPO purchase, you’re basically paying for a vehicle which feels as good as new and has been certified to offer the very best service expected. While most experienced, reputable used car dealerships sell vehicles that are thoroughly checked and well-presented to deliver outstanding value anyway, CPO cars may put customers’ minds at ease a little better.

CPO vehicles are generally late-model cars with low mileage and without any history of major damage. Manufacturers have their own CPO programs, and some used car dealerships have comparable CPO programs in place. Eden Autos, for example, makes sure that every car and truck they sell is a certified pre-owned vehicle, and each comes with:

  • A 5-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
  • A 3-month / 4,500-mile Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty.
  • A 125-Point Inspection to ensure quality.
  • A CARFAX vehicle history report to make sure that each car has no history of flood, fire damage, frame damage, or odometer problems.
  • Options for GWC Best-in-Class warranties that range from basic powertrain components to extensive coverage that rival manufacturer’s factory warranties.

Eden’s CPO vehicles are subject to the extensive inspection process to make sure customers receive real value and ongoing support. The 125-point inspection covers such vital areas as road testing, vehicle interior and exterior, under-hood components, vehicle diagnostics, under-body, and more. It’s very comprehensive, with several steps within each section. The road test, for example, checks numerous elements, including: engine noise and idling, acceleration and cruising, and shift interlock working properly.

If you need a new vehicle, a CPO car could be the perfect choice. CPO programs are perfect if you want to invest in a vehicle which feels almost new and delivers exceptional performance, but without having to pay the high prices associated with factory-fresh models. The additional benefits – such as extended warranties – can provide further value for the money, saving on extra costs in the future.

Financing a brand-new model is often a massive investment on top of your other expenses, but a CPO vehicle is a much more affordable option that delivers outstanding value. In effect, a CPO program offers the best of both worlds: a used vehicle which has been well cared for and refined (if needed) to be as good as new, without the next-level expense. A dealership like 

Eden Autos, with a large selection of used vehicles, will be able to match the model to your unique needs and budget, ensuring the best return on your investment.

As stated above, every car and truck in Eden Autos’ extensive inventory is a GWC Warranty Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. That means all the vehicles are thoroughly checked out and determined to be in good operating condition before they are available for sale.

And don’t forget about financing; Eden Autos has flexible and competitive financing options to meet the individual needs of our customers, including financial solutions for customers with more challenged credit issues. Give us a call or stop in to see one of our committed staff and we’ll make sure you get the right vehicle that meets your needs, with financing that’s affordable.


Build Your Credit with your Auto Loan

Build Your Credit with your Auto Loan


A low credit score can make getting a loan you need more difficult than you might realize. You may find yourself being refused a mortgage or credit cards, even if you have a steady income. Improving a low credit score to a higher level will help improve your eligibility for future loans, but how can you actually do this if you can’t find a lender willing to make you a deal in the first place?


Auto loans are a terrific way to boost your credit score, and car dealerships are much more likely to offer you an auto loan regardless of a poor credit rating. A car loan can be enough to demonstrate to other potential lenders that you are a low-risk applicant, paving the way for easier applications and fewer unmanageable debts.


Understanding Credit

There are two types of credit: revolving and installment. Revolving credit is based on a variable structure, with changing balances and payments. Credit cards fall into this category, as you can charge different amounts each month and pay your balance off as you see fit, as long as you pay at least the minimum monthly amount due.


Installment credit involves borrowing a fixed amount and adhering to set payments; you cannot borrow more or pay less than the agreed amount each month. These tend to be referred to as ‘closed-end’ accounts. Both types of credit appear on your report, but installment loans show that you are able to stick to a scheduled plan. If you can pay off your auto loan, lenders will view you as a worthier investment overall.


The specifics of your car loan will differ depending on the type of vehicle you need, the term, and your income. Dealerships tend to work with a wide range of lenders and will discuss your personal situation in depth. This usually helps to match your needs with your capacity to pay and prevents unrealistic rates that will only be problematic.


As your car loan is at a fixed rate that you and the dealership agree upon and is paid back over a scheduled term, you can rest assured that you will know exactly what’s expected of you from one month to the next. There is no risk of the amount you owe fluctuating, leaving you unable to meet the monthly payment. However, it’s still vital that you continue to make all of your car loan payments on time, every time. Though you may have a grace period, avoid actually using this as much as possible. The grace period allows you a little more time to get the payment together (typically just a few days) without facing a charge for lateness. While the grace period is helpful in emergencies, it can make a negative impact on your credit score and suggest to potential lenders that you may not necessarily be as reliable as you first appeared. 


Avoid Prepayment Charges

You need to make sure that your car loan has no prepayment penalty in the agreement. This means that if you were to get ahead in your payments, or completely pay the entire loan off far earlier, you could face a serious charge. Although the prospect of clearing your debt as soon as possible might seem unlikely, especially if you have money worries, there is no telling whether you will have the funds to do so in the future. Having this option open to you, without the fear of increasing your debt, can be a major advantage.


An auto loan can make a big, positive difference to your credit rating, but you need to be prepared. The first thing you need to be sure of is that you can actually afford a car without leaving yourself ill-equipped to cover other expenses that you have. For example, if you are already in debt to other lenders, consider whether you will be able to juggle these demands with monthly payments on a new car. It may be best to focus on paying off one or two of your debts first, leaving yourself more money with which to invest into an auto loan.


Still, used car dealerships are as important to Americans than ever today, and you will often get a better deal for your money at a local used car business. Used car dealerships will be more likely to offer instant approval for loans on all credit types, even if you have no credit at all. How is this possible? Well, perhaps you want or need a vehicle but have never had a credit card or any other loan. Someone living at home until their late twenties or thirties may fall into this bracket, especially if they have saved as much money as possible to buy their own property without needing to rent or be self-reliant.


Many lenders, particularly banks, would see a potential borrower with no form of credit history as a major risk. They have no way to know how reliable the individual is likely to be and leave them unable to secure the money they need so badly.


Making the Right Choice

Another way to prepare for your auto loan is to pick the right vehicle. Though you may want to get behind the wheel of your dream car, with a sleek body and an engine that purrs, you need to consider whether the extra cost is worth it.


Focus on the car you need rather than the one you want. Consider your everyday demands and responsibilities. Do you need a vehicle just to get from home to work, and back again? Do you have to drive the kids to school and back, as well as running lots of errands on a daily basis? Concentrate on your priorities and avoid letting the sharpest looking car drive you into debt you can’t manage. Getting the right auto loan for your income, your lifestyle, and your future can help you to build your credit score to a higher level.


Whatever you do, stick to your monthly payments, make sure there are no prepayment charges, and choose a dealership with a solid reputation. Over time, your credit report will show that you are a reliable borrower capable of paying back any loan in the years to come – and just think how much easier getting the money for that dream car will be then.


So why should you choose Eden Autos as the dealership to buy your next car from? In addition to offering numerous financial solutions for customers with challenging credit ratings, we are committed to providing the best hassle-free buying experience in the Delaware Valley. We have over 150 quality pre-owned vehicles in stock to choose from, and each comes with a 5-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. And every car and ruck we sell also comes with a Free Carfax Report and a 3-Month or 4500-mile Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty. So, stop by our dealership today and meet with one of our friendly, professional staff members, or view our inventory online.





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