Philadelphia's Best Used Cars

Philadelphia's Best Used Cars

If your old vehicle is breaking down a lot, it may be time to start shopping around for something that’s in good operating condition, and probably a little newer as well. A badly worn vehicle can be downright dangerous on the highway. You may feel lots of road feedback or clumsy steering that makes you feel like you are driving a boat. This gets even worse if your brakes are bad or the drivetrain is unreliable. So many driving situations in the congested city traffic require split-second maneuvers to avoid an accident. If you don’t have a vehicle that you can launch into action or brake on a dime with, you may find yourself waiting in a dangerous situation or unable to cross over into the appropriate lanes on the highway. 

So, how is it that your vehicle deteriorated so rapidly? And what can you do to prevent the same thing from eventually happening with a newer model?

Delayed Repairs 
The secret to taking care of today’s late-model autos is preventive maintenance. The lubricants that are used in modern vehicles provide exceptional performance compared to those from much earlier years. An engine should be able to easily reach 200,000 miles before a rebuild might be needed. However, even with that being said, vehicles can deteriorate rapidly when the owners neglect even some of the small things. If you let that leaky gasket go, you might be saying goodbye to that $7,000 transmission. If you don’t fix that torn CV boot right away, don’t expect that axle to last more than a few hundred miles before it starts clicking and burning out. 

Precision Oil Changes 
If you don’t change your oil on time and replace it with the appropriate oil, or even use a high-performance
synthetic oil, you will create a greater toll on your engine. The pistons, valves, and bearings will start to wear out faster. When this happens, the vehicle will not run as efficiently and will consume more oil and fuel. If you have a high-mileage engine, it is time to switch to a high-mileage oil that has a somewhat higher viscosity to create a better oil seal and film on the piston walls and prevent blow-by. A high-mileage oil will also have conditioners in it to help soften dried out seals. 

Using the appropriate weight of oil is another often overlooked element of car maintenance. In the winter time, you want to run an oil with a lower viscosity number on the front end. For example, you may want to run a 0W 30-grade oil in the winter. The 0 denotes the viscosity at winter temperatures and how the oil will function on a cold start. If you use a 15W 30, the oil will be too gooey to do much good on a cold start even if it performs the same once the engine reaches operating temperature. And vice versa, you don’t want an oil that is too thin in the summertime because it will not provide a strong coating to protect the mechanical parts. 

Because cold starts contribute so heavily to engine wear when there is the highest possibility for metal on metal contact, having the proper grade of oil is critical to long-term engine health. In fact, the motor oils out there today are only about 70 percent oils. The rest of the fluid is made up of all sorts of additives that help govern how it behaves. The additive package in an engine oil may be more important than the grade of the oil itself. 

Today’s additive packages feature graphite and molybdenum to reduce the impact of dry starts. They feature compounds to reduce volatility, which helps prevent the oil from burning up. The oil also is designed to have a pH level in the alkaline spectrum to help absorb and neutralize the acids that are formed during combustion. Acids take a terrible toll on the internals of an engine because they soften the metal forged parts enough to hasten erosion. 

You will also find antioxidants in the motor oil that will stop the water in gasoline and humidity in the air from corroding the internal parts. So, there is a lot of refined engineering going on here to ensure that motor oils are protecting your engine. You can start by choosing the correct oil for your engine and ensuring the right viscosity every season. 

Driving Style 
Your driving style may also be to blame. If you are the type of person who brakes hard and jumps the gun from any stop light, you can wear out your vehicle in no time. The engine incurs the most wear from cold starts. Common sense tells you that the oil pressure has to build up in the engine. If you are jumping too fast from idle, you may not have sufficient lubrication to make that leap as smooth as it should be. This is especially true if you are running hard on a cold engine during the fall and winter months. 

If you drive on a lot of gravel roads and deal with a lot of potholes without taking appropriate care, this can eat the paint off your vehicle and begin the rusting process. It will also knock your vehicle out of alignment and damage rims, tires, steering, and suspension parts. Taking your vehicle off-roading or using it for heavy labor can take a major toll on it as well. Even dragging pets into your vehicle or letting your children mess it up can create a stigma that the vehicle is an old beater because it doesn’t look so attractive. Once your perception of a vehicle changes, you may neglect basic maintenance by not thinking that investing in your car is worth it. 

Speeding will also damage the bearings on your wheels and your drivetrain. The faster that you travel, the more heat that you will generate in the moving parts. The heat is what kills mechanical parts. Although synthetic lubricants have reduced the heat by evenly dissipating it and eliminating the paraffin wax hotspots found in conventional oils, you are still putting these parts at risk if you run them hard or for longer duty cycles. 

Starting with a Clean Slate 
Purchasing a new or pre-owned car can provide you with the opportunity to start off with a clean slate. When you understand how your habits, driving, and maintenance styles have a habit of driving your cars into the ground, you may take better care if you have a newer vehicle to work with. Although brand-new cars are always nice to work with, the price can be prohibitive and make people gamble on the private market for something cheaper. Yet, when you are dealing with sellers on the private market, you can run into a lot of dishonest sellers. 

The easiest way to protect yourself when you are looking for used cars for sale is to deal with an established and licensed dealership that specializes in high-quality pre-owned vehicles. A dealership that sources out the top candidates because they have low mileage was never involved in an accident, have a normal and regular maintenance schedule, and no known problems can be the best place to go. You can save as much as 50-percent off a Certified Pre-owned vehicle that is just a few years older than the same brand-new model. 

The reason why prices for the same model and year may differ quite a bit when you search for used cars for sale is because there is that unquantifiable factor of quality in used vehicles. The same identical used vehicles placed side by side may have a huge range in the level of quality because one was serviced correctly while the other was neglected. 


As stated above, something as seemingly insignificant as using the wrong motor oil can do a world of damage to a vehicle and cause premature wear. Of course, you will always have those diehard models that could practically run without oil. But they are getting harder and harder to find as manufacturers continue to engineer vehicles to be run in perfect operating conditions. 

When you are searching out used cars for sale, it always helps to find a Certified Pre-owned vehicle that was thoroughly inspected for safety and one that is backed by a warranty. A bumper-to-bumper warranty is the most precious kind of warranty available. This means that all the parts in the vehicle from front to back are guaranteed to last you for the length of that warranty without issue. 

If there is an issue, the warranty will pay for any replacement parts and the labor to install them. While there may or may not be a deductible, depending on the plan, you will at least know that the dealerships did everything possible to solve any wear issues from the door in the vehicle to save themselves from the warranty repair expenses and headaches down the road. 

For this reason, you should never just buy a used car and cross your fingers. The car is worth zero dollars to you if it doesn’t run. Having a decent warranty to guarantee that it will operate problem-free for a length of time puts the ball in your court. Then, all you have to do is keep up the maintenance and take good care of the vehicle to keep the current operational state in a continuum. 

Eden Autos is one such dealership that provides excellent warranty protection on Certified Pre-owned vehicles. In fact, that is all that they sell because they know that these are the hottest deals around. They put their vehicles through a 125-point inspection that ensures that there is no damage or premature wear to any parts in the vehicle. This checklist measures everything from tire tread to the function and finesse of the car door handles. 

So, for anyone looking for used cars in Philadelphia, or anywhere in the Delaware Valley, they should probably head down to Eden Autos to check the selection before going to an overpriced dealership that wants to push brand-new cars. They should also think long and hard about why it is a bad choice to buy a vehicle off a private seller with no reputation and little accountability. Why take risks with all the money that is involved when you can deal with a reputable dealership with competitive prices that can save you as much as 50-percent off the list price for the same new model 

As stated above, mileage really doesn’t mean a whole lot when you consider the engineering and quality of today’s synthetic lubricants. As long as you continue to use high-quality synthetic lubricants and upkeep other maintenance, there should be no reason why your Certified Pre-Owned model won’t last as long as you’d like to keep it. 

But, of course, the trick is that you have to first start out with a clean slate. Once a vehicle reaches a certain threshold of lapsed maintenance, it will cost more to repair it than it would to replace it. The big factory dealerships that sell brand-new cars make a killing off hammering customers with high prices on vehicles after the warranty expires. They will give them the option to simply trade-in the vehicle for a new car once they face any major repair bills. It sounds like an attractive offer, at first, if you simply start a new payment plan for $350 a month instead of paying that $1,500 for the maintenance that they recommend. 

Eden Autos sells a diverse number of warranty options to help you secure the extended warranty protection that you desire at much better costs than the factory dealerships. Because Eden Autos only specializes in selling pre-owned vehicles, they have the business model streamlined and running like a well-oiled machine. And that is exactly what they are cranking out for consumers, thoroughly detailed and inspected well-oiled machines that can last a lifetime. 

Is it Better to Lease a Vehicle or to Purchase a Pre-Owned Model? 
When it comes to leasing, it seems ultra-convenient. The dealerships make an attractive offer on a brand-new vehicle that allows you to drive away in it that day with no money down or very little money down. Your contractual commitment to pay for it is over in a few years, three years being the most common time frame. At that time you are free to walk away and ditch the car for public transportation or to sign up for a lease on another vehicle. And while it may seem oh so easy and like you are getting the prime life out of the car for a song of a price, leasing has a very dark side. 

People who lease vehicles have a mileage cap that they simply can’t exceed without facing huge penalties. This is because the dealerships have trouble selling used after-lease vehicles if they have a lot of miles on them. Again, remember that consumers are still hypnotized in that old way of thinking to believe that mileage is the best indication of wear. We have to tell you that it absolutely has almost nothing to do with the mechanical fitness of any late-model vehicle ran on synthetic fluids all its life. 

Leasing a vehicle also makes it incredibly expensive if you get any stains on the upholstery, if the bushings on the steering parts wear out, if you get any scratches or hail damage, etc. Yes, because anytime that the dealership can claim that your vehicle doesn’t meet their arbitrary expectations, they will penalize you with huge surcharges. Therefore, while the upfront number may seem attractive and simple to maintain, the end of the leasing process may have you in for some big surprises. 

A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle may have some miles on it, but, as long as it is not decades old those miles really have nothing at all to do with how well it might function. The best way to anticipate how it may perform is to look at the maintenance histories. For whatever brand of vehicle it may be, the dealerships have access to a service history on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), such as by getting the vehicle’s 
CarFax Report

If you want to see how well a vehicle was maintained, you simply need a copy of this information. This will allow you to determine if you are driving a vehicle that was always kept in optimal condition or just something that is running for the time being. And although mileage is not a huge factor in late-model vehicles that are only a few years old, if the high-mileage is mixed with other maintenance lapses, it can be a risky deal. Don’t trust private sellers that claim that a mechanic friend rebuilt the engine or some big inflated stories to make you overlook the mileage of the vehicle in these cases if we are talking at or near 200,000 miles. 

Because there is a lot of money at stake, you should not put a lot of faith in anything that can’t be proven with records and receipts. For this same reason, you should keep track of all your auto bills and receipts to ensure a full-service record history for any future sale. And that is what is so great about a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, it is yours to sell it when the payments are over. You can recoup a substantial amount of your investment or keep driving the vehicle for only the cost of basic maintenance that you may be able to do yourself. 

Is it Better to Buy a Brand-New Car or a Pre-Owned Certified Model? 
If you like the idea of throwing money away, by all means, go out and toss cash at a brand-new vehicle. Most of the people who have purchased lemons have purchased brand-new vehicles. These vehicles come directly from the manufacturers with more bugs than you can exterminate with a bug bomb. These models are usually the first editions of a new generation that haven’t had all the bugs tweaked out yet. For this reason, it is always safer to purchase a pre-owned vehicle because outfits like Eden Autos would automatically disqualify them if there was any unusual repair history. 

Considering that a brand-new vehicle can lose up to 15-percent or more of its value the moment you drive it of the dealer’s lot, (referred to as depreciation) there is little value in brand-new vehicles. The whole concept of new is so fragile that merely driving away forever tarnishes the image and marketing delusion that consumers are buying. And that is all that a brand-new vehicle is, a marketing delusion that people assume that they are getting what they pay for. 

If only the average consumer realized what they are really paying for. They are paying for a vehicle that is so fresh that the plastic resins have not yet exhausted all the formaldehyde left over from the manufacturing process. Formaldehyde and other toxic carcinogenic chemicals are what truly give a brand-new car all that new car smell that people rave about. For this reason alone, buying a brand-new car should be avoided. Something that is at least a year or two older will be stable and free of the chemicals that are still emitting fumes from the manufacturing process of the interior and plastic parts. 

When you are looking for great deals on pre-owned cars for sale in Philadelphia, why not take a look at Eden Autos? They have the experience and wisdom to know where the true value is in the industry. So many trends in consumer shopping are irrational. If you want to be a savvy shopper, it is best to choose from a dealership that has a large selection of late model, low mileage cars that can be half the price of those being offered at the factory car dealerships. And don’t forget financing; Eden Autos has a full range of financing options to meet everyone’s credit history, regardless of the credit score

Understanding how you can prevent premature wear and tear on your vehicle by simply doing a little homework about the motor oil and staying on top of repairs and maintenance can make a world of difference when you do step into that newer car. Don’t fall for the irrational consumer marketing delusion that brand-new vehicles are the cream of the crop. In fact, they are not because they are overpriced, untested in the real world, and full of possible toxic fumes emanating from the recent manufacturing process.



5 of the Best Used Vehicles Under $15000

Chevy Camaro

When we are talking about muscle cars, the Chevy Camaro has been the fan favorite and most exciting one of the bunch for over 40 years, offering you an exciting and exhilarating driving experience. Although It’s a powerful muscle car, you can rely on the Camaro as a solid everyday vehicle. It is able to obtain up to 30 miles-per-gallon on the highway, which is great for a muscle car. For those who prefer the adrenaline rush of the six-speed manual gearbox, it has that, or you may select the convenience of the automatic transmission. Either way, you are definitely bound to have a driving experience you’ll never forget. The Camaro also has a convertible option for people who love the sensation of the wind blowing in their face. And the Camaro has a five-star safety rating.

Honda Odyssey

The top priority of a parent, of course, is their children. So it is no wonder they would want a vehicle that will not only transport them comfortably but safely as well. The Honda Odyssey is renowned for the safety features with features that include a rearview camera, antilock brakes, automatic traction control, expanded driver’s mirror, forward collision warning, front and side impact airbags, and lane departure warning. Some minivans are known to be gas guzzlers, but not the Odyssey; fuel efficiency is rated at 28 miles per gallon on the highway. The Odyssey has also been praised for having excellent handling and general drivability so it feel more like you’re driving a regular car. Are we there yet is probably the most common question kids ask their parents when on a long trip. The rear entertainment center, with its 16.2-inch split-screen feature, should alleviate that; two children can each watch their individual favorite shows.

Honda Fit

Since 2001, the Honda Fit has won several awards for its drivability, safety features, and eye-catching look. The unique hatchback design of the compact Fit is a great reason to buy for people looking to stand out from the crowd. Honda is known for its safety, quality, and value so if you’re looking for an economical compact car or SUV, the Fit could be the perfect fit for you. It has a sleek, attractive look that can rival some of the more expensive vehicles out there. The Fit is fun to drive, has great handling and it’s quite comfortable to drive. The 2015 fit average 41-MPG on the highway and 33-MPG in the city so it is certainly fuel efficient as well.

Audi A3

The Audi A3 is a great option because it has an entry-level price with the acknowledged luxury brand feel. In spite of its relatively low price for a luxury vehicle, the A3 does not cut corners. It has an amazing interior, it handles exceptionally well, and comes with a great engine. The top-quality design and material gives you more comfort, more interior space, an airier cabin, few blind spots, than you would expect in a car of its size. The infotainment system is also known to have an incredibly user-friendly design. The system includes 3D animations, a drawing pad, and intuitive software. The dashboard is uncluttered and emphasizes more functionality and ease of use. The A3 is made with Audi’s customary attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship.

Chevy Silverado 1500

Do you own a hauling business or do you just need a plain work truck that’s not going to break the bank? The Chevy Silverado 1500 may be exactly the right option for you. It combines excellent power and performance with a handful of convenient amenities. This pickup truck also boasts a refined interior that is amazingly comfortable and very quiet, unlike many other trucks. For those needing good hauling capabilities, the Silverado with the standard V6 engine can easily haul upwards of 7,600 pounds and tow 6,000 pounds. If you get the larger 6.2L V8 engine, paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission you will have double the towing capability, up to 12,000 pounds, which is best of its class. The driver interface adds a luxurious touch with its MyLink audio system and a 4.2-inch display screen. Finally, the 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 has earned a perfect score for overall collision protection. OnStar is available in all the trims except the Work Truck trim and some models come with a rearview camera and a driver alert system.

Regardless of the type of vehicleyou are looking for, Eden Autos has a great selection of quality pre-owned cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs to fit every budget and financial situation. Every vehicle we sell comes with a CarFax History Report, a 5-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee, and a 30-Day or 1,500-Mile Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty to give you complete peace of mind with your purchase.

At Eden Autos, our professional team outs the customer first – we go the extra mile to always provide exceptional customer service and strive to make your visit to our dealership a great hassle-free experience. And, with flexible financing options for all credit ratings, we’ll work with you to get financing that’s within your within budget.


6 of the Best Used Pickup Trucks

6 of the Best Used Pickup Trucks


Toyota Tundra

The Chief Engineer of Toyota, Mike Sweers, said, “I feel the new Tundra reflects the future of where trucks are going. Our goal is to make the best truck in the industry. It delivers the message we are a truck to be reckoned with in the industry.” This statement cannot be any closer to the truth.


The Toyota Tundra is made in America and came in second (to the first place Ford 150) in the category of percentage of component cost that comes from the U.S. Toyota cars are known for their quality and safety and it is no different in the Tundra. It comes with an integrated rearview camera and bumper surrounds, and you have the option of getting a glass-breakage sensor and a blind-spot monitor with cross-traffic alerts. The Tundra comes with a workhorse V8 engine, which produces 310 horsepower and 327 pound-feet of torque. Also, it doesn't skimp on the luxurious touch even though most do not think of that when it comes to pickup trucks. Late models can be equipped with dual-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstery, power bucket seats, and a silver bullet grille! Finally, the Tundra is designed with workmen in mind, since all the controls are shaped and configured to be operated by drivers wearing gloves.


Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline was out of the market for two years but came back completely redesigned in the 2017 model year with great comfort and unique styling. Its bold grille and eye-catching headlamps let everyone around it knows it’s different. If you want to break more necks, the Black Edition features a special Crystal Black Pearl paint job and all black exterior trim. It also comes in other striking color options such as Forest Mist, Deep Scarlet, and Obsidian Blue. If you ever driven a truck, you know that most handle quite differently than a car. The Ridgeline boasts one of the best-handling pickups on the market. The suspension system does a good job of minimizing body roll when traveling on a windy road, and it is a very good all-weather performer; you never have to worry about snow thanks to a ground clearance of eight inches. It gets great reviews for its ride quality and excellent fuel economy, with a 19 mpg in the city and 26m mpg on the highway.


Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling truck in the United States since the 1970s, and for good reasons. Ford is well known for its famous Ford Built Tough slogan, so it’s no surprise that their engines are top quality and considered to be some of the best in the industry. The F-150 is also known for having a high-strength steel frame and a military strength aluminum alloy body. Fuel economy on the F-150 averages 26 mpg on the highway and 19 mpg in the city. It’s EcoBoost engine, coupled with the lighter aluminum body, results in even better gas mileage. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that it can be a difficult task to parallel park a truck. Well, since the 2015 model year, the F-150 has offered a parallel parking assist option, which automatically detects open parking spots as it drives past them. It is also a very safe truck - the NHTSA gave it five stars for overall safety - and it offers surround cameras to give you better visibility of blind spots,


Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma has always been a popular model among pickup truck owners because of its reliability, impressive off-road capabilities, and in more recent models its  technologically advanced features. The Tacoma’s V-6 engine pumps out a solid 278 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque and has a maximum towing capacity of 6,800 pounds. The Tacoma is winter ready, having plenty of ground clearance under the body, which helps you a lot when dealing with snowstorms. The appearance of the truck is great, boasting a sporty front fascia and a prominent grille which helps it present a handsome appearance. Also, the optional vented hood gives the truck a very powerful look. Finally, you never have to worry about having enough room in your Tacoma since there’s plenty of backseat legroom and you have the option to fold down the rear seat when needed.


Chevrolet Silverado 1500

If you have a family, the Chevy Silverado 1500 has a roomy crew cab model and the truck offers excellent impact protection. If you have a teen who will be driving the pickup, the Teen Driver feature will make you less worried about your child on the road. Higher trims can get you Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which is great for listening to music from your phone and can help you navigate to locations with the map on your phone. The Silverado is available with either rear-wheel or 4-wheel drive, and four powertrain options, a 4.3L V-6. two 5.3L V-8’s, and a 6.2L V-8.


Nissan Frontier

The midsize pickup market is very competitive but the Nissan Frontier makes a good case for being one of the best out there. If you are need towing capabilities, the Frontier boasts a maximum towing capacity of 6,710 pounds, which means you will be able to pull things as big as race cars and tractor trailers. The Frontier comes with 4WD, which is great for snowy weather, and the PRO-4X suspension package rides well on both on-road and off-road driving surfaces. While there is a 152 horsepower four cylinder engine available, the 261 horsepower V-6 with its strong low-end torque is a better choice for more capabilities and versatility.


For those looking for a high quality pre-owned pickup truck, we hope this has provided you with worthwhile information. But don’t forget that Eden Autos has one of the best selections of late-model, low-mileage vehicles in the Philadelphia area. Our friendly and experienced staff members will be happy to guide you through the process of selecting the best vehicle for your needs, with affordable financing options and instant approval for all credit ratings. Every vehicle we sell comes with a 5-Day Money-Back-Guarantee and a 30-Day or 1,500-Mile Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty to give you peace-of-mind with your purchase.






It is the new year, and you are looking for a new SUV but don't know what to get. There are lots of brands out there and plenty of different models, all come with different features, trims, colors etc. To help you narrow down the search we listed 8 different SUVs that you might want to consider. We’ve listed the most important features for each to help you decide which one might be the best fit for you. Let’s get started!


Honda CR-V

The CR-V is known for being the best-selling SUV in America for years, and for good reason. Since it’s a Honda you know it has good gas mileage, drives very smooth, handles great, and you have the option of getting the all-wheel-drive model so you do not have to worry about snowy winters. The CR-V has a spacious cabin so your passengers can enjoy the ride without feeling cramped and there is plenty of cargo room in the rear storage area.


Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 is great for families because it has a lot of room for everyone. Just like the Honda, it is economical to operate and has available safety features such as the lane departure warning system, traction control, and pre-collision safety system. If you want your SUV’s appearance to be a little unique the hybrid model comes with a two-tone exterior.


Nissan Rogue

The Nissan Rogue might be perfect for mid-size SUV buyers, especially for those wanting three rows of seating without having to get a much larger vehicle. If you are looking for a car that looks expensive without spending that much the Rogue is your best bet. The interior pays a lot of attention to detail and the materials used are top of the line. The Nissan Rogue’s front seats give the driver and front passenger exceptionally comfortable rides. And the third-row seating option is virtually unheard of in an SUV in that size range. The cargo space is also quite large and is great for camping and long road trips.


Toyota Highlander

Just like the RAV4, the Highlander boasts exceptional safety qualities, including lane departure and collision warning and braking, adaptive cruise control and automatic high beams. The Toyota Highlander is also known for having a spacious interior and the leather trim level compares favorably to that of a higher end car. The Highlander’s standard 3-row seating is great for larger families and it has great fuel economy for an SUV of that size. For those that are a bit adventurous, the Highlander might be a great fit since it has good off-roading capabilities as well.


Buick Enclave

The Buick Enclave is one beautiful car. So if you are looking for a classy looking car this car might be the one for you. It features sharp angles, artistic creases, and an aggressive stance which makes it one of the more stylish SUVs around. Not only is the outside of the vehicle beautiful, but the interior is also unmatched as well. Almost everything has a luxurious finish, even down to the color if you get a higher trim level. The Enclave is also known to have a quiet and comfortable ride so no need to worry about going long distances. Also you might like that it features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so you can play music straight from your phone. These features also allow you to use the maps on your phone and display them on the vehicle screen.


Lexus RX Hybrid

If you want a luxury hybrid SUV, it doesn’t get much better than the Lexus RX Hybrid. It has a handsome cabin, roomy seating spaces, a very smooth and quiet ride, and superb fuel economy. Another quality is its handling, which feels natural and is great on difficult roads. The controls on the dashboard are easy to understand and operate saving you confusion on the road. Blind Spots are hardly a problem for this car since it has great visibility and blind spot monitoring helps you avoid possible contact with other vehicles driving next to you.


Volkswagen Tiguan

The Tiguan has great power and is fun to drive. Also the handling is exceptional for curves and sprints on the highway. The suspension is top notch and gives passengers a smoother ride than many other SUVs. The cabin comes with an upscale luxurious touch which is not expected at the price point of the VW Tiguan. The safety cage of the Tiguan solidifies its safety standards and its other crash safety features makes the Tiguan one of the safest SUVs to drive. Also, if you don't like trying to park in tight spaces the Tiguan is great, since it is compact and can fit into a lot of tough parking spaces.


Jeep Grand Cherokee

You have seen the commercials showing the off-road capabilities of the Jeep line, which are quite superb. And that’s no different for the Grand Cherokee, even though most owners bought their Cherokee for its comfort and features. The Grand Cherokee is also great for handling in the  snowy winter regions. Another great thing about this SUV is its height and view; it has a commanding 6-foot view of the road ahead. Its towing capabilities allow you to tow up to 6,000 pounds, and just like most other full-size SUVs, the Grand Cherokee has more than enough cargo spacer and room for a comfortable pleasant ride.


At Eden Autos, you will find many of these and other popular SUV brands. Check out our inventory often as it changes regularly. And remember, all of our vehicles come with peace-of-mind: a 5-day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee, a 30-Day or 1,500-mile Comprehensive Warranty, and a Free CarFax Report.

We also have financing options for all credit ratings. So don’t worry about a low credit score, previous bankruptcy, or lack of credit history, simply fill out our online credit application and get approved in seconds.

Tips to Buying a Used Car from a Dealership

Tips to Buying a Used Car from a Dealership

Different people purchase used cars for different reasons. For some people, financial constraints and the high depreciation rate of new cars is the main reason they opt for used cars. Regardless of the motivation behind buying a used car, the demand for used cars has remained high over the years. Buying a used car comes with numerous benefits including affordability, lower insurance costs, and reduced depreciation rates. Once you have made the decision to purchase a used car, the other issue that you need to decide on is whether you will be buying the used car through a dealership or a private owner. Purchasing a used car through a used car dealer is a preference for most people since it comes with several advantages compared to engaging a private owner when looking for used cars for sale.

For those who are interested in purchasing a used car, here are our top 10 tips that should guide you in the purchase process. The guide will ensure that you get the right vehicle at an affordable price.

1. Research Which Vehicles You Are Interested In

There is a high probability that after deciding to purchase a used car, you have already picked the model that you want. After picking a model, it is important that you conduct research on the vehicle you want to purchase and remember to consider its alternatives. You should seek information from sources such as consumer reports, car magazine reports, and web reviews to familiarize yourself with the benefits and limitations of each model. When conducting your research, make sure to source information from reputable sources that provide reliable reviews to ensure that you have the exact model's particulars.

2. Make Ensure You Inspect the Vehicle Before Purchasing It

When you are purchasing a used car from a dealership, you should avoid the temptation of only considering the price; you also need to conduct a thorough inspection. You should ask about the vehicle's history, especially by inquiring about previous owners, the origin of the vehicle, accidents it has been involved in, and any repair and maintenance schedules. It is imperative to check that vehicles that have been involved in an accident are okay and have been fixed properly. In fact, you are likely to save more when purchasing a vehicle that has been involved in an accident.

3. Ask for The Vehicle's Maintenance History

Another factor to consider when purchasing a used car from a dealership is the maintenance history of the vehicle. Request documentation on the previous maintenance schedules for the vehicle by previous owners and on any servicing the dealer made to it. The maintenance history will provide you with a preview of the current condition of the car to help you make a decision on whether to buy it. If you find that the dealership seems reluctant to provide the information, it is wise to walk away from the deal because it could be an indication of underlying mechanical issues.

4. Buy from A Reputable Used Car Dealership

Before you decide on which dealership to purchase your vehicle from, conduct research on the reputation of the area dealerships. Make sure to check the online reviews of the dealerships because they provide a preview of the experiences of its previous customers. Positive reviews are often an indication that you can trust the services of the dealership and the quality of the vehicle you are getting while negative reviews could be a precaution.

5. Inquire About the Dealership's Policies and Incentives.

Before purchasing a used car from a dealership, inquire about the policies that guide its operations. Some dealerships have some hidden policies that could result into more costs when finalizing the purchase.

Besides reviewing a dealership's policies for hidden costs, ask whether they offer a money back guarantee, exchange policies, and a warranty. If they do, compare the terms of these policies with those of other dealerships before you purchase the vehicle. Ask if they offer an exchange policy that allows you to get another car if you find that the one you just bought is not ideal for you.

6. Ask About Financing Options That the Dealership Offers

When financing a used car, most dealerships offer credit financing options while others may only offer cash purchasing. Always inquire from the dealerships about the financing options that they offer to determine whether they will be viable for you. You can ask for quotes on the expected monthly payments that you will make on the vehicle you are interested in and remember to include the sales tax that will be involved. If you want a lower rate, it may depend on your credit status, down payment amount, and the specific vehicle you select.

7. Request A Test Drive

Once you have narrowed down the number of vehicles that you are most interested in, it is time to schedule test drives. Test driving a vehicle will give you the opportunity to get first-hand information on the comfort level of the vehicles and how they handle on the road.

8. Determine Whether the Vehicle Is Certified

Before you purchase a vehicle from a dealership, inquire whether the vehicle you want to purchase is certified. Many dealerships offer certified used cars that have undergone extensive inspections and are warranted for a specified number of months and/or miles. In most cases, the benefits of buying a certified car can outweigh the slightly higher cost of a non-certified vehicle.

9. Physically Inspect the Vehicle

Inspect the vehicle inside and out to ensure that it is properly cleaned and that it doesn’t have more than a few minor dings and dents. If you find out that there is more serious damage, this could be an indication that the vehicle was not properly maintained by previous owners.


10. Conduct the Final Negotiations.

The last step is to finalize the transaction and drive away happy with your purchase. When negotiating the final details, ensure that you focus on both the cost and the features that the vehicle comes with. You should not be enticed solely by a low cost; instead, focus on the service that you will get from the vehicle and ensure that you are getting value for your money.

At Eden Autos, we are committed to providing our customers with the best hassle-free buying experience in the Delaware Valley. We have over 150 Quality Pre-Owned vehicles in stock to choose from. Each vehicle comes with a 5-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee and a Free Carfax Report. Certified Bumper-to-Bumper Warranties are available and with financing options for everyone, getting pre-qualified instantly at Eden Autos is as simple as 1-2-3. View our online inventory or stop by our dealership anytime and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members.




How to Get a Car with Bad Credit - 8 Simple Tips

How to Get a Car with Bad Credit - 8 Simple Tips


Did you know that 68 million Americans have bad or poor credit scores? You aren't alone if your credit score is under 600. That might make it seem like you won't be able to get the financing you would require in order to purchase a much-needed new car. Yet, that's far from the truth.

There are steps you can take to get the right financing for your dream car even if your credit score is less than perfect. Not sure how to get a car with bad credit, especially if you had a bad experience in the past trying to get a loan? That’s why we put together these 8 simple tips you can do to get approved for a car loan even when it might seem impossible.

1. Check Your Credit Scores Before Shopping for Your Car

You might be tempted to run to your car dealer to find your dream car, SUV or truck, but it's important to first do your research and know where you stand before shopping for your next vehicle. It’s important to first know what your credit score is since that can give you an idea of where you stand towards getting approved

You are entitled to one free credit report per year from each of the three major credit bureaus, Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax. Your credit scores may vary somewhat from agency to agency as each follow slightly different scoring methods, but they should be within a few points of each other. The first thing to do is check for any inaccurate information and notify the agencies to get them corrected. Once the corrections are made your scores will improve accordingly.

2. Work on Improving Any Bad Credit Items

Payment history and unpaid credit card debt have a significant impact on your credit scores. The first factor comprises 35 percent of your overall credit score, and credit utilization accounts for 30 percent. A history of late payments and high credit card balances will definitely result in a reduction of your credit scores.

If your need for a new car is not immediate, avoiding any future late payments and paying down as much of your credit balances as possible can go a long way in improving your credit score. Many experts recommend getting your credit utilization ratio (debt to credit limit) to under 30 percent. But, these are things that will take time before you see positive results, so how can you get that much-needed new car or truck right now?

3. Make a Realistic Budget for Your Car Purchase

We all like nice things but sometimes we can't afford them. Before visiting the car dealership, it's important that you make a budget for your car purchase. What is your monthly income? What are all of your monthly expenses including utilities and other financial obligations. And don’t forget estimated operating costs such as fuel, maintenance and repairs, and insurance. It's important to aim for an overall monthly car expense that isn't a burden that can cause late or missed loan payments.

4. Don't Go Overboard Adding Extras

You might be dreaming about getting a car or truck that's top of the line with all the extras. Yet, these extras will surely add to your loan amount. Getting an extended warranty could save you money in the long term, but what will fancy bells and whistles do besides add to price of the vehicle? Before considering an extra, take a look at whether it’s something you really need and worth the added cost.

5. Research Your Car and Financing Options

Now that you know your credit score and what you can afford, it's time to shop around for the right vehicle and financing that fits your budget. When you have bad credit, it's recommended to look for lenders who are more receptive to working with you, which usually eliminates traditional lenders like banks and credit unions. The best opportunity, in our opinion, is to work with a reputable used car dealership; one that has a good selection of vehicle types and price ranges and can provide assistance with a variety of financing options. Many of these dealerships offer instant pre-qualifying and guaranteed approvals.

6. Plan to Make a Larger Down Payment on Your Car Loan

Besides your credit score and current ability repay the loan, the loan amount itself will influence your chances of approval, and obviously affect the monthly payment amount. One way to lower your loan amount is by putting down a larger down payment. You have a better chance of getting approved for a car loan when you request a smaller loan amount, and it can make the payments even more manageable.

7. Get Pre-Qualified

It’s certainly important to first research what type of vehicles and models best fit your needs and budget, which can be accomplished from the comfort of your home. Practically every dealership today has their vehicle inventory online, making it pretty easy to get a good idea of what’s available in your price range before visiting them. And pre-qualifying for financing can be just as easy, with loan applications online as well. Once you have done your vehicle research and have a dealership in mind, complete their loan application form; you’ll usually get a response within a day or less. Once pre-approved, then it’s time to pay them a visit and find out the specific financial options available to you.

8. Read All the Paperwork Before Signing

Not all loans work the same. Even if this isn't your first car loan, it's important to read all the paperwork before signing on the dotted line. Don't be afraid to ask if you don't fully understand the terms and conditions. Your car loan officer should be able to answer all your questions and explain how the loan works.

Bottom Line

Getting approved for a car loan when you have bad credit may have seemed impossible, but we hope that by following these tips you will be able to make your new vehicle dreams a reality.

At Eden Autos, our professional team works to put the customer first. We always go the extra mile to ensure that your visit to our dealership is a great experience. Our goal is to always provide exceptional customer service with a hassle-free process, each and every time.

We have an extensive inventory of late-model cars, trucks, and SUVs at affordable prices. Every vehicle we sell comes with a 30-Day, 1500 Mile Bumper-to-Bumper and a 5-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee for complete confidence and peace of mind with your purchase. We offer financing options for all credit ratings. Simply fill out our short online loan application and get an approval in minutes.



Why You Should Buy Your Next Car from Eden Autos

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Next Car from Eden Autos


When it comes to the used car market in and around Philadelphia, we get it; there are a lot of options. Sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace have also fueled used cars for sale by owner, which takes a dealership out of the equation altogether. However, we’re confident that you’ll have a significantly more positive experience buying from experts and receiving well researched advice on models and trends, instead of trying to go it alone. Here are our top five reasons why you should buy your next vehicle from our team at Eden Autos.

1. Eden’s Knowledgeable Buying Experience

Don’t just make a choice when picking out a used car, make a good decision that will benefit you for years down the road. Whether you’re buying your first vehicle or you’re a car geek like us, we can walk through every car on our lot while keeping the conversation accessible and knowledgeable. We want you to walk away not just with a car, but with the information you need to take care of it, enjoy it, and to tell your friends about your experience. We’ll ask you what you’re looking for in a vehicle and find a solution based on your budget, expected needs, and the type of financing you’re looking for.


Here’s what to expect when you shop with us at Eden:

1. We’ll ask questions to see what you’re looking for. We won’t try to push sales on a car that just wouldn’t be the right fit for you.

2. Variety. Take a tour of our lot to see the majority of the models we have in stock. Even if you come in with an idea of what you want, we’ll show you some similar models to give you even more options.

3. No pressure buying. Take as long as you need to make a decision, although we can’t guarantee that your dream car will still be in stock if you need to take a while to evaluate your options.

4. Clear financing. We keep the paperwork brief and the explanations easy so you know the terms of your loan and that your financing will be all set.


We’re proud to be one of the top rated used car dealerships in the Philadelphia area, and that we have customers coming to us from throughout the tri-state area. So what else keeps our customers coming back?

2. Best Selection of Used Cars in Philadelphia

We have vehicles for every budget, need, and everything in between. We make sure we stock vehicles from top automakers in top condition, while maintaining a price range that includes something for everyone. Our vehicles range in price from a few thousand dollars to premium models selling for price tags at around $30,000. We’re also always featuring cars and running specials, so you never know what exactly you’re going to find on our lot. But one thing is certain; you will always find a great deal.


Some examples of popular models on the market that we regularly stock include SUVs such as the Honda CR-V and Acura RX, hatchbacks like the Ford Focus, and top-selling sedans like the Hyundai Elantra. We’re constantly evaluating trends and analyzing how our stock is selling in order to make sure we have what our buyers are looking for. Even if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, let us know; the next time that vehicle or a similar model comes in, we’ll give you a call.

3. Top Automakers and Models for Sale

Many buyers that come to us already have an automaker in mind. Whether you appreciate fuel efficient options from Toyota or a flashy ride from Mercedes-Benz, we stock top used car options on our lot. And, we do our research on vehicles valued for their reliability and longevity. We combine our selection with our dedication to service. Every vehicle we sell has been through a rigorous inspection, and comes with a free Carfax History Report, a Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty, and a 5-Day Monet-Back Guarantee.

4. Financing for Everyone

Let’s face it, traditional financing is not designed with everyone in mind. As a Buy Here, Pay Here dealership, we are happy to provide financing options for people with all different financial histories. BHPH means that you not only buy the car here, you get financing through us, instead of having to go through a bank or other financial institution on your own to finance your vehicle. This means you’re dealing with one team, and we will go beyond just your credit score when evaluating financing options for you. Buyers who would likely be rejected from a bank can be approved and that can enable them to build up their credit and gain valuable experience through this financing plan.

If you have bad credit or no credit, that doesn’t mean your options end if you are rejected by a bank. Economists at the Motley Fool report that top reasons for bankruptcies include job loss, income shrinkage, medical expenses, and divorce. We understand that emergencies happen, and the worst can be difficult to plan for, while a traditional financial institution will look at this type of history and immediately make their own judgments. We’ll help you start over.

5. Pressure Free Buying Leads to Happy Customers

We’ve catered our services to our modern customers who are too savvy for stale sales tactics, including putting on the pressure for you to buy sooner than you’re ready to do so. Just look at our reviews; our customers can’t say enough good things about our service, selection, and the vehicle they ended up with. We believe that pressure sales tactics are things of the past – our customers do their research before they step on our lot and continue researching during the process of choosing their vehicle.


We also have an awesome Referral Program that works for you. Think of it as us saying thank you for telling the people around you about your experience. Once you’re happy with your purchase, refer friends and family to get rewards. Our goal is to continue building a customer base that trusts our expertise and is completely happy with their experience. That’s how we make things work as a modern dealership that always puts our customers first.


6 Best Used Cars for Summer

6 Best Used Cars for Summer


Did you know that late spring and summer are the most popular seasons for used car sales? As the weather continues to heat up, dealerships are offering their customers great vehicles to choose from, with the best prices of the year. With summer now in full swing, you will find a large assortment of affordable pre-owned vehicles, including many low-mileage, late models.


The summer season influences car buying in both the new and used markets, and it’s a time when some of the best deals are available. With inventories moving even more during this time of the year, you as a buyer can often negotiate a bit more aggressively to get the best possible deal. Here are Eden Autos’ top six picks for used cars and SUVs to check out this summer.

2013 Honda Civic

Honda is a definite winner in the compact sedan line with the Civic. After seeing some flops for the first few years, Honda completely rethought its essential design and rolled out a sleeker version for the 2013 generation. The Civic is one of the best and most reliable options in the used market, thanks to the ideal blend of affordability and reliability. Drivers can enjoy great Bluetooth connectivity, hands free text messaging, and am interior that feels expensive for such a budget-friendly vehicle. A guided back up camera and a front collision warning system are modern safety features that help keep the Civic at the top when it comes to crash test safety ratings. Drivers looking for a fast sporty ride may not like the Civic, but those looking to save money on gas will love it. The 2013 Civic gets 29 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway.


2015 Hyundai Elantra

This car combines the practicality of cargo space and fuel efficiency with speed and power. Passengers will love the rear heated seats, a luxury usually reserved for front seating, and the driving experience is very customizable with a custom steering mode and front seating to accommodate practically any height and seat angle. You can also drive with peace of mind, as this model received the highest crash test ratings possible in its year. The Elantra is a particularly quiet ride, although the sound system could have been improved to make the experience even more enjoyable. The 2015 Elantra gets 24 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway.

2013 Honda CR-V

There’s a reason why Honda’s CR-V is such a popular line of compact SUVs. The 2013 CR-V is probably the least costly, latest generation you can buy used this summer. The 2013 model gives you Real Time All Wheel Drive and Honda’s signature Motion-Adaptive electric power steering system for a vehicle that can handle rugged terrain and snow. Many of the controls on the five inch LCD screen are also accessible via the steering wheel, and the CR-V is a surprisingly quiet ride. In terms of interior bells and whistles, the 2013 model is equipped with the basics, but a range of high tech features are available options. The 2013 CR-V gets good mileage for an SUV, with 23 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway.


2015 Acura RDX
This highly rated SUV combines compact ease with a sporty ride that’s super fun to drive. With the first generation dating back to 2007, the RDX soared in popularity in a very competitive market, especially with the generation that was released in 2010. This model is also more fuel efficient than previous generations, getting 20 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. The surround sound system is great for music, and passengers in the back can enjoy watching a DVD during extended trips. The RDX is also more spacious than it appears. The center console is a significant storage upgrade compared to similar vehicles, and the back seat doesn’t skimp on the extra leg room.

2015 Buick Enclave

If it’s an SUV with lots of room that best matches your needs, the 2015 Buick Enclave may the perfect choice. In addition to a high safety rating, the Enclave comes with lots of standard features, including a 6.5-inch touch screen, Bluetooth, smartphone integration and satellite radio. Available family-friendly options include a rear-seat entertainment system with a DVD player, wireless headphones, and a large overhead display. City mileage is estimated at 17 mpg and 24 mpg on the highway.

2014 Toyota Sienna

If you’re looking for a roomy minivan with a clean design and great mileage, the 2014 Toyota Sienna is the perfect vehicle. This model may not satisfy those looking for the speed or sporty handling available in more luxury vans, but the 3.5-liter V6 engine and a six-speed automatic transmission offer fuel efficiency and the perfect amount of zoom for highway drivers. In addition, the Sienna has great safety ratings across the board. Enjoy Bluetooth connectivity as well as AUX ports for the entertainment system and three rows of comfy seating for eight. The 2014 Sienna gets 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

So, if a new vehicle is in your future this summer season, be sure to look at our online
inventory to find the one that best fits your needs. All of the pre-owned vehicles at Eden Autos have been completely checked out and come with a free Carfax report, a Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty, and a 5-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. Our professional team goes the extra mile to make sure your visit to our dealership is a great experience. And don’t worry if your credit history is not the best; our financial experts will help you get instant approval for an affordable financing plan that’s within your budget.


Is Buying a New Car Better Than Buying a Used Car?

Is Buying a New Car Better Than Buying a Used Car?

Buying a brand-new car is undeniably exciting, but is it right for you? The sad reality is that brand-new cars keep getting more and more expensive, pricing millions of Americans out of the new-car market. As sleek as the latest sports car or must-have SUV is, the average price has been shown to be well beyond the budget of even median-income households. 

The used car market, on the other hand, is filled with thousands of models in excellent condition and all at much lower prices than the new models. With cheaper alternatives readily available, why would you choose to pay so much for a brand-new vehicle? Below, we’ll look at the differences between buying new and used cars, and why investing in a used car can ultimately be the better choice. 

Here’s What to Expect When Buying A New Car:
The main advantage of buying a new car is the advanced features you’ll get to enjoy. 
Cutting-edge touches will help to make your shiny, factory-fresh vehicle feel even more indulgent and luxurious. However, unless it has a direct effect on your driving experience and helps you to drive more safely, many of these advanced technological features are inessential. 

We live in an age where tiny upgrades and updates can still justify high costs for consumers across the globe. New smartphones are released within a short period of their predecessors, and buyers still spend hundreds of dollars despite not getting much more bang for their proverbial buck. The same is true with cars. Those with enough disposable income may choose to upgrade to a new car without anything being wrong with their previous model, simply to enjoy a few new features. 

Another advantage of new cars is the most obvious: they have never been driven before. There’s less reason to check the condition of any models that catch your eye, though you will still have to give it a thorough examination to make sure it meets all your needs. And new cars will likely need less maintenance within your first couple of years of ownership. 

However, there are disadvantages to buying a new car too. Excessive prices and depreciation are the most obvious; as mentioned earlier, many Americans simply cannot afford to buy the latest models. New cars will also depreciate in value quickly. The worth of your brand-new vehicle may well drop significantly within the first year of ownership. In fact, the amount you stand to receive at resale can dip as soon as you drive away from the lot. That’s obviously a major issue if you plan to get a year or two of usage from your new car and then sell it for a newer model. You want to get as much money back as possible, but sadly you will usually end up with far less than you might expect. 

Furthermore, new cars can bring higher tax and insurance rates, costing you more beyond its actual price. You need to consider this before you invest and make sure you can actually afford those related expenses. 
Here’s What You Can Expect When Buying a Used Car:
First and foremost regarding buying used is much more of an affordable purchase price; simply put, used cars are far cheaper than new ones. This is a fantastic benefit for buyers on a tight budget, as millions of Americans are. When you have financial responsibilities (rent, food and clothing for you and your family) finding tens of thousands of dollars for the latest car is completely out of the question. 

At a reputable used car dealership, you can browse a diverse selection of models with something for everyone. You may be able to find vintage cars as well as those from only a few years ago, without the hefty price tags. Used cars are cheaper to insure too. This makes a big difference to the overall cost of buying a used car, saving you even more money compared to the much higher price of a brand-new model. 

Securing the financing to pay for a used car is often much simpler than trying to get a loan for a brand new one. A reliable used car dealership like Eden Autos offers wide-ranging in-house financial services, helping countless customers secure auto loans that match their budgets, including buyers with low credit scores. As you may know, trying to get a loan from a bank or other lender for your new car can be incredibly difficult if you have a bad credit history. Visiting a dealership that provides in-house financing assistance for all credit types will help you get a loan approval for the vehicle that’s the right choice for your needs. 

Another major benefit of buying a used car instead of a new one is that you avoid any potential product recalls, which happens with brand new cars from time to time. In one year, millions of vehicles were recalled for a major issues by several of the leading car manufacturers, including Honda, General Motor, Toyota, and Ford; even BMW and Mercedes. You may assume that new car is in perfect working condition when you buy it, only to have a significant fault be discovered later. Usually, those recall issues have already been taken care of during the first owner’s possession. Used cars, of course, have normally been driven for years already, and their performance has been well-tested. You’re at less risk of experiencing some problem that’s lain dormant and can feel more reassured about the car’s quality. 
Whether to invest in a new or used car is obviously a choice you’ll have to make yourself; however, as we’ve seen, there are more reasons to buy a used vehicle than a brand-new model:
Lower prices 
Cheaper insurance 
Reduced depreciation 
Less risk of recalls 
Better chance of securing an auto loan

When looking at these benefits, it’s easy to confirm that buying a used car is better than choosing a brand new one. 

Eden Autos has an extensive collection of pre-owned vehicles to choose from, with financing for all credit types. Want to know more? Drop in or give us a call today and one of our dedicated team members will help you find the perfect car, truck, or SUV to fit your requirements, with financing that’s within your budget.

Why You Should Consider Refinancing Your Car Loan

Why You Should Consider Refinancing Your Car Loan


If your auto financing plan isn’t working for you, you aren’t stuck with it. After working with the same loan for a year or two, it might be time for you to consider refinancing. The process of refinancing involves applying for a new loan to cover the current loan, and still using the vehicle as collateral. Refinancing is a fantastic option to consider if your financial situation has changed since you first started financing your vehicle, you want to reduce or lengthen the loan term, or you want to lower your interest rate in order to pay less interest in the long run.


Keep in mind that refinancing doesn’t always reduce your monthly payment; for example, refinancing for a loan term of three years instead of five will increase your monthly payment. So how do you know if financing is a good idea for you? Here are four reasons why you should investigate the process of refinancing your auto loan.

Lower Your Interest Rate

If you make timely payments and your credit score has increased since you first applied for the loan, you can benefit from refinancing by getting a lower interest rate. It is normal in the loan market for interest rates to be higher for those who have lower credit scores or challenged credit histories. The American borrower’s average credit score is 697, which falls in the Fair ranking. Nerd Wallet reports that a borrower with that credit score would qualify for an average auto loan interest rate of 5.5% on a used vehicle.


The more you can increase your credit score, the more progress you make on qualifying for a lower interest rate. Seeing as interest easily adds hundreds or thousands of dollars to the cost of the car, you want to lower the overall interest rate as much as possible. Although you may not think that affects you too badly, as everything gets factored into your payment each month, that still ends up being money that doesn’t go directly into your car.


Maintaining good credit is the easiest way to decrease your interest rate and save money in the long run. Even if you start out with a longer loan term and a higher interest rate, you can make those changes after paying off some of your vehicle. However, keep in mind that refinancing too early is rarely successful, or there is a very low chance you will end up with a lower interest rate. In addition, plan to see your credit score dip slightly during the refinancing process, as that is the effect of the inquiries made to investigate refinancing.

Change the Loan Term

The average auto loan term is more than five years. This can be good for borrowers who have a tight budget and want to minimize monthly payments. However, longer loan terms almost always have much higher interest rates as a part of the financing plan. (Think of it as a trade off). If you are able to afford slightly higher monthly payments, avoid longer loan terms. Use a loan calculator to figure out how much you’ll be paying in interest vs. how much you might be saving on a slightly larger payment that fits into your budget. Will it make a big enough difference to be a worthwhile move?


In addition to budgeting, think about the value of your car and how much you’re paying interest on an asset that gradually depreciates. A car is worth 10 percent less as soon as you drive it off the dealership’s lot. A vehicle is a great asset to have, but the value of the car itself will decrease as time goes on. If you can afford the payments on a shorter loan, why should you pay more interest on your investment that decreases in value?


Refinancing will give you the opportunity to reduce your loan term if you have more room in your budget for a larger monthly payment, but you can also do the opposite. Extending the loan term will reduce your monthly payment, which is useful for if you are going back to school, expecting a child, or need to stretch your budget for all the other important things in your life. Extending or reducing a loan term is all about prioritizing not just the auto loan, but all the other payments you need to make in order to keep everything running smoothly.

Make the Loan Fit in With Your Other Finances

Remember that changing the loan term is in your best interest if you’re having trouble making payments or anticipate needing to free up room in your budget in the near future. It’s best to refinance and make your loan work better for your needs than not be able to make minimum payments or miss them entirely. Missed payments stay on your credit report for several years and are one of the key factors that determine your credit score.


Like many investments, the key is deciding how to best allocate your funds and what other value you can get out of maintaining an investment or financial relationship. In the case of a vehicle and auto loan, it isn’t in your best interest to sign up for a loan that sounds good but will make you miss payments; and this is becoming more and more commonplace. Across the country, Americans are making risky investments that eventually overwhelm them with debt.

Thinking About Your Future

In the long run, your goal regarding your auto loan should be to pay the vehicle off as quickly and painlessly as possible. Once you pay off the loan, the car is your property, and that is extremely empowering in terms of being able to claim it as one of your assets, even if the value is depreciating. In addition, narrowing down and selecting a financing plan that has attainable goals will help you reach even more financial milestones down the road.


For more questions about auto loans or refinancing, don’t hesitate to reach out to Eden’s professional Finance Team. And if buying a new vehicle is in future, check out our extensive inventory of quality pre-owned vehicles.


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